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Nebraska PLSS Corners

Thank you for your contribution. Your efforts will provide land surveyors, GIS users and all geospatial professionals with accurate Public Land Survey System corner positions. Please restrict uploads to positons you consider survey grade which were observed using accepted Static, RTN or RTK procedures. Refer to the NGS Guidelines V3.1, April 2014 for more information.

Upload files in a comma delimited text or spreadsheet format.

Send files to casey.sherlock@nebraska.gov or john.beran@nebraska.gov.

Each record in the upload file will contain five fields: PID, Latitude, Longitude, HAE, Description


  • PID: Seven character corner code
  • Latitude: DD.MMSSssss format
  • Longitude: -DD.MMSSssss format
  • HAE: Ellipsoid height in meters
  • Description: Free form text, 40 characters maximum.

PID: Format = TTRRNDX where TT = Township, RR = Range, NDX = Point code
Point code: Ranges West are indexed with the actual number, ranges East are indexed with the actual number plus 70.

Points are indexed North to South (A-Z, letter I omitted) and West to East (1-25). Index chart available here. PDF

Corner Map


  • NW corner Sec. 8-T16N-R17W = 1617E05
  • West quarter corner Sec. 23, T14N, R12E = 1482P17

Points not falling on the grid, meander and witness corners for example, are indexed to the closest corner with information added in the Description field.

File naming format: Name-YYYYMMDD-#.ext

Name: Information to identify the submitter such as LS number, company, county, etc.
YYYYMMDD: Observation date. If not included the submission date will be used.
#: Frame reference


  1. Positions derived by OPUS or DigiFarm (Transit Works, A&D) RTN using reference frame 83-11
  2. Positions derived by OPUS (prior to 2012) or Seiler RTN using reference frame 83-CORS.
  3. Positions derived from in-ground control using 83-HARN.
  4. Positions derived from in-ground control using pre 83-HARN reference frames.
  5. Positions derived by RTK from an autonomous base position not directly tied to a reference frame.
    Such positions must be relative to accurate positions observed on the same day or from the same base position on different days.


Nebraska PLSS Corners

Status Map pdf or Nebraska PLSS MAP

Corner files in csv format

Fields: Frame, PID, DMS Lat, -DMS Long, DD Lat, -DD Long, HAE, Description, Submitter, Date

Instructions: Download the corners statewide or by individual townships (use the township code explained above).
Click the button below to see the file listing.
Click on a file to open, right click to save. Use the browser back button to return.

All corners statewide text file

Township files
All information is provided to aid in the location of existing monuments representing the PLSS (Public Land Survey System) corners. All positions are approximate and not to be used for any official purpose. The information is not a substitute for accepted land boundary determination and location procedures. The Nebraska State Surveyor’s Office makes no warranties, either expressed or implied, concerning the accuracy, completeness, reliability, or suitability of the information for any other particular use nor does the Nebraska State Surveyor’s Office assume any liability associated with the use or misuse of said information. Users will assume all risk of loss from the use or misuse of the information.